About Us

How Naturally Yours Began….

After 30 years of uncontrollably frizzy hair Natasha stumbled upon the Curly Girl method which at the time seemed too good to be true! After trying the CG method for a while her hair went from frizz ball to fabulous however with a family to take care of, full time work and studying at university she did not have the time to shop around and check the label of every single product that she was thinking of trying. Even shopping online proved difficult as there were a number of curly haired websites but these were not strictly CG friendly.

Fast forward nine months, while on holidays from university, Natasha decided to take matters into her own hands and so Naturally Yours Australia was born, a place where those who follow the Curly Girl Method can safely shop as every item is CG friendly.

We hope you enjoy our easy to use website and as always we are open to suggestions so if you think we are missing anything just shoot us an email or send us a PM on Facebook.

A bit about me (Natasha)

  • I am in my 30’s with two kids, a husband and two dogs
  • I am very much introverted until I really get to know you
  • I love to wear dresses and skirts
  • I love technology, gaming and have a degree in IT
  • I will tell you the truth, I will not sell you something just to get a sale
  • I can be quite lazy with routines (even hair washing) and will look for an easier as long as it does not compromise on quality
  • I like nice things and will go for quality over quantity
  • I love colour especially in my clothes, house and garden
  • I love to garden and love flowers of all types
  • I did a patisserie course many years ago but don’t bake much anymore even though I’m fairly good at it
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